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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    Pacific Islander
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    Masters Degree
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I'm a successful CEO, sustainable Seamstress. I own a home that was on a garden tour. I love to entertain, have remodeled several homes, I love to laugh and believe, if you can laugh with your mate in bed, everything else falls in place. I'm a former stockbroker,airliner and commodity trader and still trade daily, but limit it to my first morning coffee. Couple of things you should know. There's enough fish in the sea and I'm not looking for new and inventive ways to spend more time on here. Beside i do love to travel, adventure, antiquing and art. Love to ski, snowmobile, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, horse back riding and fishing. I'm a small town woman that loved growing up there and I love the city too. I loved it and the friendships that I made there I will keep forever. I like to volunteer for nonprofits. Beside singleness is a gift of time as procreation is a choice not a duty. So the is a life after every bad relationship, it's up to us to go search for it and see what destiny has inshore for us.

What I am looking for

Look if we are just talking and getting to know each other then I need to know that we are. if you are serious about going further and want to date me then say it If u don't then tell me. If your getting to know or seeing other people let me know. If You feel like this isn't going anywhere let me know. I don't want to sit around and catch feeling's for someone who is unsure of their purpose and intentions with me. Don't be selfish just be real with me. So about me. I have trust issues I don't trust easily so when I tell u that I do trust u don't make me regret it. You lie to me I'll push you away and if betray me don't expect forgiveness once I get attached I'm loyal I'm committed I'm honest I'm faithful and I'm romantic and caring but you know what else comes with that? Jealousy I get very jealous I'm clingy I'm over protective im stubborn I'm hard headed.