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    5 ft. 10 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Social Services
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    Yes, living with me


Well I am a woman with great subtlety that makes me feel sexy and not a tease,persuasive and not manipulated, sophisticated and not condescending.....I am strong and forgiving, open minded with deep conviction, skeptical without cynicism, passionate without melodrama, noteworthy without name dropping, attentive and not obsessive, vocal without histrionics. I'm keenly aware how my behavior impacts others. When asked directly, personally, I am willing to discuss my needs and desires honestly but I may not always take the initiative to be assertive with others. I seek to understand others, rather than seek for others to understand me. I'm looking for someone who will not put up emotional barriers when I look to understand her thoughts and feelings, but rather will communicate with me intimately and candidly.

What I am looking for

All I can say ... nothing more intelligent man with confidence and clear goals ... I am looking for understanding and mature relationship without the craziness of an 18 years old ... I am looking for a man that I can be myself with him without Having to pretend or act or lie .... I want a man that can be proud of me and trust me and respect me at least outside the house then be straight and honest with me and my defaults inside the house .. walk hand in hand with me through life as a partner and not behind me or in front of me. I am looking for my soul mate.. I know that big things start with small steps and that friendship is the first step towards true love. So to this effect, would you like us to get to know each other? If you don't mind me suggesting this; I would like us to chat more instantly on google hangout platform. Message me with the ID olivia.anderson4sure at g mail dot com.. I look forward in reading from you.