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Do you really wanna know... Think so? I'm definately one of a kind!! Most people would consider as the easy going lady' ....I have always seemed to make a point to prove people wrong.... The harder it is, the more I want to be able to do it. I'm a simple woman with a great personality and a huge heart. I am a country girl for the most part. I am pretty open about most things. I like to meet new people too. I am a no bull shit kind of person. I don't dig drama and I don't dig liars. If you want to lie, play games, and play with people's emotions, really, truly do not worry about talking to me. I am pretty easy going. I like to chat. I like to message. I like making new friends. I am a full figured woman. I am damn cute. I rule!! Drop me a line. We can talk. Yahoo elizbethrb. AIM elizbethrb.
Interests: some great and passionate

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