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Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Demi...Everyone calls me Demi. I like football and basketball. I like to play video games. I am fun and outgoing and love to party.....I can be mean and rough at times but other than that I am laid back, relaxed and fun and I am always here to listen and talk too. So dont be afraid to talk to me...I love meeting new friends. I got a funky style and I am not afraid to show it!!!!!!!!
Music: I like all kinds of music. I listen to it all.
Movies: I liket o watch all kinds of movies...exspecially scary movies......
WhatImInto: I am into all kinds of things and I am always up to trying new things!
MyBestFeatures: My best features are my legs and my booty!!!!!
MyDreams: I want to learn and be able to speak and read two other languages and i want to be a teacher and hopefully go to college.....but the world takes us in different directions so no one ever knows what will happen.

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