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I am fun to be around, dont really trust many people, not after the shit I went through with my SO CALLED friends. I have learned that "Life is full of ups and downs. so UP the music and DOWN the vodka." Just say FUCK IT ALL
HighSchool: Delavan Darien High School
College: Apollo College Phoenix
JuniorHighSchool: Ed Von Tobel Middle School
Music: I listen to just about ANYTHING, I am open to hear new music!! After all I am a concert baby :)
TV: Smallville, American Idol, Bad Girls Club, Real World
Books: TWILIGHT, The King, Ann Rice
Sports: HOCKEY :)
Interests: PARTING, Rollerblading, Concerts, Movies, and just hanging out with me loved ones
Movies: All kinds, I just seen AVATAR and LOVED it! Cant wait to see ALICE IN WOUNDER LAND
BestFeatures: Lips, my eyes always tend to scare men, I have a cute nose :)
Dreams: Get my own place, go Skydiving, and Win the Loto!

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