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Im Meghan. im 24 years old and I love my life. Im a laid back girl who loves to have a good time. Im really random and say stupid things all the time but Im just me. Just enjoying life for now and Im not looking for someone to date, just looking for someone I can have some fun with.
HighSchool: Kamiakin High School
Music: i love music. It moves my body in ways that I cant explain.
TV: eh tv lol
Books: I havent read a book in awhile. But I like them I guess.
Sports: I love baseball and football. My older brother pitches in college. I like to watch football too. I played golf too. I dunno what it is but I like it and Im good at it.
Interests: I like the outdoors. I love to go camping and just be outside. I love to fish too. I love to get dirty.
Movies: Any movie that can make me laugh :)
BestFeatures: They would have to be my eyes, my hair, my smile, and my big butt. haha.
Dreams: I eventually want to become a dental hygienist. I went to dental assisting school for two years and Im goin back.

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